Air disinfection UVC Clean Air
Demonstration of installation UVC Clean Air
Working atmosphere with UVC Clean Air

UVC Clean Air germicid air purifier

Air disinfection by UV-C disinfection

Designed for operation during the presence of persons

Advantages of UVC Clean Air

  • air disinfection by effective UV-C method
  • intended for operation in the presence of persons
  • ready for non-stop operation (24/7)
  • contains LED panels for lighting
  • easy remote control
  • timer option for individual functions
  • integrated silent fan
  • standardized dimensions for cassette ceilings
  • no chemicals needed for operation
  • no ozone produced or any harmful substances

Protect yourself

Protect surroundings

How does UVC Clean Air work?

  • UV-C disinfection with a wavelength of 253.7 nm
  • air is drawn in through the inlet filter
  • the air flow is provided by a built-in fan
  • UV-C radiation destroys all viruses and other pathogens with an efficiency of up to 99.99 %
  • encased UV-C lamp prevents the leakage of harmful UV radiation
  • remote control
  • one UVC Clean Air panel covers a room area from approx. 20 m2 (depending on the type of panel)
  • for medical outpatient clinics one UVC Clean Air for every approx. 10 m2
  • the output filter can be changed to a class 13 HEPA filter that captures up to 90 % of 1-3 μm particles
Detailed demonstration of UVC Clean Air functionality

Germicid aircleaner

by UV-C disinfection

Installation of UVC Clean Air

The UVC Clean Air ceiling panel can be easily installed in one of two recommended ways.
Cassette installation of UVC Clean Air

Cassette installation

UVC Clean Air is preferably intended for installation in cassette ceilings of standardized size 600 x 600 mm.

Example of UVC Clean Air cassette installation
Suspended installation of UVC Clean Air

Suspended installation

UVC Clean Air can also be installed under a standard ceiling using suitable hinges using the designated hinge points on the rear metal cover of the panel.

Example of UVC Clean Air suspended installation

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Easy to use

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